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Safed Candles

Safed Candles really have become the symbol of the city of Safed – Zfat as it is called in Israel. Safed candles are unique and sometimes hard to find outside of Zfat. Those who knows about them will never use anything else for Hannukiya or Shabbat light. Hand made by Orthodox Jewish community, every Safed Candle is a magnificent showcase of Judaica. The amazing colors and shapes of Safed Chanukah Candles will bring to your home the spirit of the Holiday of Chanukah - the festival of lights. Each Safed Chanukah candle burns for more than an hour and the box of 45 Safed Chanukah Candles will last for full eight days. All Safed Candles are hand made and dripless, please be sure to take a look at them in our Large Kippah Store

Ancient city of Zfat - Safed

We have been to Israel so many times, but made it to Zfat (Safed) for the first time only in 2005. We actually wanted to see where the Safed Candles came from, because we were using them on every Chanukah and loved it. The drive from Ramla-Lod in the car borrowed from my Dad was the usual treat - air-conditioner ("mazgan") broke down in the hottest area. But seeing Zfat is worth every trouble. We will leave it to the thousands of tour guides to talk about the town, which has a remarkable history in both ancient and modern times, but we’ll share own experience in the Blog. When you visit Zfat you’ll see that most of the men on the streets are wearing kippah – and most of them have the Haredim satin black or velvet yamaka or kabala kippah.

Safed Candles Store

If you are in Zfat, make sure that you visit Safed Candles store near the central street, we promise you - you'll love it. The variety of candles of all shapes and forms is amazing – you’ll see everything from classic taper candles to "dancing Hasidim". Shelves full of Chanukah, Havdalah and other candles, all in different colors and designs – Safed Candle store is a real Museum of Art of Judaica. But if your trip to the ancient Kabala center is not in the immediate future, you can still at least get the box of Safed Candles from our Large Kippah Store without even leaving your home.