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Yarmulke and Fast Shipping

Actually, before we go on - is it Yarmulke or Kippah, anyway? We already asked this question on How to Buy Kippot page. If you don't know the answer - we did our best to find out and published the results at our Yamaka - aka Yarmulke aka Kippah page.

But once again, regardless of how you call it, you can find your Yarmulke on-line, in one of many fine Kippa Stores and demand the Fast Shipping!

Yarmulke - Fast Shipping


Before you pay for Fast Shipping of your Yarmulke

We understand that you don't wait for weeks until your Yarmulke arrives. Quite often people tell me that they want to wear their new Yarmulke the next Shabbat. We always do our very best to ship our Kippot the very next morning after the payment arrives. If you are our returning customer in need of urgent shippment - please let us know and we will mail the Yarmulke to you right away. We too are the fans of World Wide Web. Buying Yarmulke on-line is very convenient and certainly fun thing to do, but there are few things you should keep in mind and watch for. Not all yarmulkes were created equal:

Yarmulke - check list
Real hand-made crocheted Yarmulke is not sold for a couple of dollars. If you see somebody claiming that his/her Yarmulkes are hand made and offers to sell them for under $7 – you have the right to be suspicious. We’ve seen hand made woven Kippot sold for $25 – and it was worth it.
Crocheted or knitted Yarmulke?
Most of the Kippot on the market are not crocheted – they are knitted. It doesn't make them worse, but it might not be what you are looking for. It can be an honest mistake, especially if the seller is not a native English speaker. Yes, right – I am speaking from the experience.
Where is my Yarmulke made?
Majority of knitted Kippot are made in China. Not all of them but yes, many of them are – don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. This doesn’t mean that these kippot are not worth buying when you find out - the design is what matters. They might still very well be hand made- what matters is the colors, patterns and design of the kippa. The best are found in Israel of course.
How much is my Yarmulke cost?
Prices may very – it is an understatement. We saw the same kippa on sale in Tel-Aviv’s markets for the equivalence of $3 and for $15 in the Jewish Museum Shop in New York.
Yarmulke on EBay?
If you are buying on Ebay and the price seems to be too good to be true – check the shipping cost!

We hope you’ll find this little Yarmulke buying Guide useful, but please don’t think that the sellers of Yarmukes are out there to get you! E-commerce was built on trust and respect and we are sure you’ll find the evidence of that at any on-line store.