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Menorah by Avigdor Avraham introducing great Israeli Art

Menorah as any Judaica is probably the most common form of Art in Israel, as you can expect. You can see Judaica everywhere. The Knesset Menorah designed by Jewish English sculptor Benno Elkan is in my opinion a true symbol of Jewish identity of the State of Israel and also the symbol of its roots going back to the times of Hasmoneans.

Menorahs are of course made by every Judaica artist. Menorahs are produced in huge numbers, probably not as much as Kippot, but still, if you go to the Flea Market in Tel-Aviv's old Jaffo you'll see the endless offerings of the bronze Menorah produced in Israel and around the world in 1950-s and 1960-s. Nice people selling them might tell you that these are antique items from ancient Persia. If that ancient Menorah is sold for about $50 it is probably not ancient, but rather just simply plain old.

This Menorah is different. It is one of a kind because it is made by Avigdor Avraham.

Menorah by Avigdor Avraham

We met Avigdor in Caesarea and fell in love with his Judaica. I think Avigdor's Art is the best way to represent Caesarea - one of our most favorite places in Israel. The motifs of nature in Avigdor's Menorahs, Mezuzahs, Hamsa and other Judaica make up his unique style, combining traditional with contemporary in his Art of Judaica.